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The subjects

Every work, thanks to the suggestion of its images and colours, will take you to the mythological Ancient Greece.
Follow Herakles in his mortal fights versus the Amazons, Kyknos and Ares, or the adventures of Achilles, Theseus and Sarpedon, son of Zeus.
Have a look at some celebrated subjects and discover the stories and the characters that inspired them.

The Technique

Ceramic, metaphor of Life, comes from the three main natural elements: Earth, Water and Fire.
Water kneads clay and other matter born from the Earth that subsequently encounters the Fire at a very high temperature.
The artist uses sedimentary clays, very smooth and dark in colour, made of iron oxide, silica and alumina, they become slightly red or brownish after baking, hence getting the name of terrecotte (= baked Earth).

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