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The Shapes
The works have shapes directly linked to those of the Hellenic Masters while, at the same time, looking extremely contemporary and dynamic.
Classical shapes as kylix, amphorae, cups and plates are related to the painted mythological subjects through the artist's continuous process of selection and study.
The artist's feeling for shapes and sensibilities are essential.
Each shape is the result of the harmonious combination of different elements such as balance, proportion and equilibrium between parts.


We want to offer you tailor made works.
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Oinochoe Neck Nolan Amphora Lekythos Oinochoe
Column Krater Oinochoe Medium Neck Amphora Small Neck Amphora

Volute Krater Lebes Gamikos Neck Amphora Big Kantharoi

Medium Kantharoi Column Krater Neck Amphora Oinochoe

Neck less Oinochoe Long Neck Amphora Medium Neck Nolan Amphora Cup

Lekythos Neck Amphora Big Neck Nolan Amphora